by Cast In Iron

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released March 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Cast In Iron Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: I
washing the windows of your towers / cutting your grass / making your coffee / wiping your ass / and in the dead of night, when you sleep / we’re the ones guarding your home / so watch your back / and yes it’s a threat / like jenny i’m counting your heads as i make the beds / thank you for using us //
Track Name: II
i wish i could lock you in cages / 1, 2 meters wide / so you could feel the reek of your own shit / i want to beat you up with a stick / force an electric club up your ass / rip your skin off / i wish you drop dead in the sun / chained to a wall / i want to stuff you with food / pump it through a metal pipe in your throat / i wish i could see fear in your eyes / hear your heart explode / i’m just a human being //
Track Name: III
in you i can see a bittered old man / the monarch of rebellion / all alone against all / only one true / alone, so alone / but you like the martyr’s mask / biting your tail / tired and dull / you’ve lost perspective / a burnt out candle / its all such a shame //
Track Name: IV
falling head down straight to hell / two septums two sorrows / falling head down straight to hell / dilemma / green was the demon i’ve met / smashing the head against the wall / lack, absolute lack / confinement in daily question / in daily countdown / steps waiting to be fulfilled / never enough / always lusting more and more / evil hides in the most painful spot / always craving more / constant regret / my prayer to the demon hiding in pocket //
Track Name: V
drifting / i’ve lost course / no stars to show me the way //
Track Name: VI
once i visited my home town / and it’s a small town / a ghost town / a dead town / benches and corners / i’m falling into places / do i despite them or am i jealous? / from breaking windows we moved behind the counters / my heroes are long dead / looped lives / if home is where your heart is / i must be fucking heartless / from breaking windows we moved behind the counters //
Track Name: VII
teach me how to breathe with poisoned air / show me how not to drown in the swamp of lies / tell me how not to get dirty wading in the shit / give me another advice i don’t fuckin’ need / feed my hatred / foster my anger / teach a dead man to enjoy life / show a blind man the right way / tell how to avoid smashing the head against the wall / give me another lesson that means fuckin’ nothing / feel my frustration / watch me throw up at your sight //
Track Name: VIII
left alone / i’m digging out bodies from the ruins of my empire / jericho trumpets didn’t move a rock in my stronghold / what did the work was your gentle whisper //
Track Name: IX
make me believe i gotta prove myself / show me the way i should export my faith / i’m burning out to keep myself warm / so full of shit still couldn’t fill the void / please point the naysayers out / how should i prove’em lying / please let me prove my point or let me die trying / i’m burning out to keep myself warm / so full of shit still couldn’t fill the void / the questions come and go / more noise, more smoke / just learnt how to avoid / i crushed them all, still standing tall / proved all them wrong / still couldn’t fill the void / i’m all burnt / can’t fill the void //

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